New website!

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re reading this, I have a new website. It’s very much like the old website, except that (a) it’s on up to date versions of everything, from WordPress to the underlying database, and (b) it works. The theme powering the old site – a theme which I liked very much, and which I paid money for years ago – had been unmaintained for a long time, and a recent WordPress update broke it beyond my capability to bodge.

Rather than just sub in a new theme, I took the opportunity to rebuild it from scratch and thus get rid of some of the background cruft from 2016. One result is that some old posts might not quite look right, or in a very few cases might actually have missing images, due to plugins that they depended on being gone. If you find anything missing, rather than just ugly, please let me know. Similarly, if you find anything that looks wrong on the main pages, please tell me about that too. If you mostly want to complain about the kerning of one or two of the Google Fonts that I’m using, join the queue – the “SIMON WALDMAN” title text has been tweaked manually and it still doesn’t look quite right. I’ll probably get used to it.

On the plus side, everything should hopefully be a bit more maintainable now. And I might even get around to writing up one or two of the posts I have drafted. Maybe. If I have time. Perhaps.