Peer reviewed

  • Waldman S, Yamaguchi S, O’Hara Murray R, Woolf D (2017)
    “Tidal resource and interactions between multiple channels in the Goto Islands, Japan”
    International Journal of Marine Energy. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijome.2017.09.002
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  • Waldman S, Side J, Woolf D (2017)
    “Numerical investigation of tidal resource & far field effects of energy extraction in Lashy Sound, Orkney”
    Presentation given at EWTEC conference 2017.
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  • Neill S, Vögler A, Goward-Brown A J, Baston S, Lewis M J, Gillibrand P A, Waldman S, Woolf D K (2017)
    “The wave and tidal resource of Scotland”.
      Renewable Energy. DoI: 10.1016/j.renene.2017.03.027
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  • Gallego A, Side J, Baston S, Waldman S, Bell M, James M, Davies I, O’Hara Murray R, Heath M, Sabatino A, McKee D, McCaig C, Karunarathna H, Fairley I, Chatzirodou A, Venugopal V, Nemalidinne R, Yung TZ, Vögler A, McIver R, Burrows M (2016)
    “Large scale three-dimensional modelling for wave and tidal energy resource and environmental impact: Methodologies for quantifying acceptable thresholds for sustainable exploitation”.
      Ocean & Coastal Management. DoI: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2016.11.025
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  • Waldman S, Genet G, Baston S & Side J (2015): “Correcting for mesh size dependency in a regional model’s representation of tidal turbines”. Presentation given at EWTEC conference 2015.
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Non peer reviewed (selected)

  • Waldman S & Venugopal V (2018): “Orkney wave environment : Predicted changes to 2100”.
    Poster at 3rd conference on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewables (EIMR), Kirkwall, April 2018.
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  • Waldman S (2018): “After the tsunami: how tidal energy could help Japan with its nuclear power problem”.
    The Conversation, 10th January 2018.
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  • Baston S, Waldman S & Side J (2015): “Modelling energy extraction in tidal flows”, revision 3.1. Position paper forming chapter in “TeraWatt Position Papers”, pub MASTS 2015, ISBN 978-0-9934256-1-5.
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  • Waldman S, Miller C, Baston S & Side J (2014): “Comparison of two hydrodynamic models for investigating energy extraction from tidal flows”. Poster at 2nd International Conference on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewable Energy Technologies (EIMR), Stornoway, April/May 2014.
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