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Until I have a chance to get it fixed, here are links to publications and contact details.

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I’m an early career researcher at the intersection between oceanography and renewable energy. My research interests centre around marine renewables and the use of regional-scale hydrodynamic modelling to support human activities, understand their effects, and improve planning and policymaking. Much of my work so far has been on the use of such models to predict both the tidal power available from a given location, and the effects of removing that energy from the flow.

My CV includes work with Heriot-Watt‘s Orkney campus, the University of Edinburgh‘s Institute for Energy Systems, Marine Scotland Science and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Most recently I have joined the Energy & Environment Institute at the University of Hull, where I lead the MSc in Renewable Energy. Opinions expressed on this site are my own, and do not represent any of these organisations.

I spend much of my working life writing software. Like many scientists, I do it badly. I am an instructor for the Software Carpentry organisation, which teaches basic software development skills to academics to improve the efficiency and reproducibility of computational research.

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