Advice wanted from LGBT / gender non-conforming students

Thinking about my teaching practice, especially as I move towards being a personal tutor as well as lecturer next year, it feels as though I should try to indicate to any LGBT, NB, or other minority students in my class that I’m a safe person to be out to. Obviously I realise that there’s no way of proving that as a hypothetical, and hence some students may always be wary, but is there anything helpful that I can do?

A quick Etsy search reveals various designs of “ALLY”¬†badge… what are are people’s feelings about that? Is there a better idea?

Thanks for any advice.


Maybe a small but notable inclusive pride flag on the desk?

I don’t have a desk anywhere that students can see!

But it’s a good thought. After discussion over on facebook, I’ll be aiming to wear a small “ally” pin as well as a pronouns one.