EIMR, and future wave resource

This week I am at a conference on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewables (EIMR), in Orkney. It’s the kind of event that covers quite a broad area, and most of it isn’t in line with my “interests” in a narrow sense – but the breadth makes it really helpful for talking to a wide range of people, and hearing about a wide range of research.

The majority of the research here is about the effects that renewable energy extraction will have on the environment, which is certainly an important topic. A few, including my own poster, look at “environmental interactions” in the other direction, in my case asking “how will the wave power arriving at the west coast of Orkney change, as the planet warms in the future?”

It’s only a short, preliminary look at the problem, and it has a high level of uncertainty attached. However, it looks as though the change between now and 2100 will be small. That’s good news for wave energy developers.

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Sweyn Hunter

Thanks for that summary of your poster, and of the conference scope. It’s always interesting to get a short , layperson-freindly description – as it’s often difficult for the bystander to understand much of what is going on in academic circles! Nice poster, by the way!

Thanks, Sweyn! Good to see you, albeit very briefly, yesterday.